All Inclusive Vacation Packages

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All Inclusive Vacations

All-inclusive vacations are usually advertised as worry free of cash expenses, stress free and easy relaxation. However, it is still easy to break the bank while on an all inclusive vacation.

Here are key tips to save money while booking your all inclusive vacation getaway.

#1. Assess the Hidden Fees
When booking a reservation to an all inclusive resort you will want to be sure to find out what is included in the costs. You don't want to be surprised with hidden fees or charges. Make sure to investigate the site and give the resort a call. You want to find out if there are internet fees, airport transportation charges, fees for activities, extra charges for meals and drinks etc. There may be other additional charges not included in your nightly rate. You wouldn't want to show up to your stress free vacation only to get stressed out having to come up with money to pay extra fees and charges you didn't know about.

#2. Know the Best Times To Visit
Find out the best time to visit. All inclusive vacation rates are better with lower demand. This is usually during school months annd when the cold weather has yet to settle in. Warm weather vacation destinations are more affordable shortly before Christmas. Christmas time can be a most expensive time so get there before the rates increase! The best general time range to visit is after labour day and before Christmas.

#3. Price Usually Reflects Quality
An amazing vacation deal may mean that rates are cheaper due to circumstances at the resort. This may mean there is construction at the resort or there are other issues faced at the location or the resort. Maybe a hurricane jsut blew threw... just saying... but make sure to check for issues when you see prices that appear to good to be true. Check the reviews, resist the urge to buy immediately and give the resort a call.

#4. Pay for What You’ll Use
An all inclusive vacation resort that features extra activities that you won't use such as an on-site casino, sailboat rides, scuba lessons, horseback riding and parasailing etc. This may seem like a great vacation resort but consider what you are paying for versus what you will be using. You may not want to pay more for amenities you won't use so it's a good thought to consider.

#5. Research Occupancy Rules
If you are bringing more than 1 person on your trip you'll also want to check the small print before you arrive at the resort. Some places only allow four occupants per room so if you have a larger family or a larger group of travelers you'll want to check occupancy rules.

#6. Consider All Airfare Options
One lump fee for airfare and resort rate may not necessarily be the best rate for a vacation pacakge deal and may not be the most affordable way to book an all inclusive vacation. Research airfare or travel costs separate from the room rate. You may also find airfare is more convenient with flight connections.

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